Josh Bailey - LW. Needs maintenance and varnishing! After reading all that has been done with this boat, you'll ask, "why are you selling such a great boat?". There's been a bit of discussion lately about rusted keel bolts and engine repowerings. The radar unit is neatly mounted on a stainless tube which runs about 10 feet up the permanent backstay. I've rambled -- but hope this proves to be of some use in your search... Every two years I redo the bottom and that includes grinding about a half dozen blisters of varying sizes. And your news arrives promptly as The Islander is hitting the streets and newsracks on the island. 134 talking about this. I wonder if you have any idea where I can get a copy of the boats manual. Packaging Machine Manufacturer Visual Packaging USA for Blister, Clamshell, Skin, Die Cutting or Thermoforming Machine Packaging Tooling and Parts Solutions. This angle is designed so the unit can be read from the cockpit bench. This will be evident down the road when a swath of gelcoat on the centerline will age differently and show this non molded application. I-36 owners in the Greater SF Bay Area -- here are some thoughts, for what Some had been repaired but the blisters came back again in a few years. One trade off on the later deck layout is a much shorter traveler.....three feet as opposed to I'd guess four feet on earlier need a good vang to make up for it. So what would be the solution for this blister? my case, the original price was a bargain -- but, even having done a lot of At a minimum, go for a lengthy test sail and have a comprehensive survey done by a reputable marine surveyor. Indeed the Islander is known for her ease of sailing / handling ability. Blister packs will generally include booster packs plus a bonus such as a pin , promo card , coin or online code … Titan Cards offer a wide variety of Pokemon blister packs including single pack blisters, 2 pack blisters, 3 pack blisters, checklane blisters, and pin blisters. In my book the I36 is a sound, sturdy vessel that cruises fine, races well and is a heck of a lot of fun to sail. Knapik JJ. It is an Islander Freeport 36 B layout. This boat is ready for sea! Here are the photos of the new units installed in a pod that I made from a nice piece of 3/8 mahogany marine plywood I had stashed away. Realistically I expect I'll be repowering sometime in the next 3-5 years. Islander 36 boats for sale 4 Boats Available. 32 (I have access to a 32). Scott Wedgewood - G. … The wiring includes both power and the computer connection so there is only one connection to be made when the GPS is installed. Nor is his boat built in two pieces as implied in the note. phone: 415-457-7136 Sale Pending. Bel: 0528-273013 has around 160 members across the country, so with that, we are doing all we can do to get info out about the design. Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 10:28 PM Large teak pads under primary winches and cleats, and teak trim on cockpit seat edges. Not bad for 29 year old boat.....I could go on and on about this boat but I'll spare you the great stories. The few that I have had I've easily repaired . I definitely don't like the idea of puting a sensitive electronic instrument such as a fluxgate compass in the bilge! You will find most of the measurements for our one-design class racing on the web site under Constitution & Bylaws - the second half of the document is all about racing the boat. For most boats, this problem should have been surfaced and been corrected years ago. cruising it at least 2-3 times a month for the last 7 years -- and would do The style of the boat is a flying bridge sedan, but it is built on a modified trawler style hull. Once you sail one you will understand. I know about Westsails (which have known issues as well) ... Quality of the Islander 36 I walked from a 37 due to wet decks and hull. We do use techniques to depower the main, but have sailed in 37 knot gusts going into Coyote Point under full sail with just the wife and I. I am crew on Pacific High, one of the boats in the racing fleet and we have a crew of 4-5 although we don’t run a spinnaker. also be sure to check electrical wiring to anchor lights, antenna etc -- If (I don't know anything about 83-86 2014 May. (50 hp). Outfitted for singlehanded sailing – perfect for the serenity of sailing the San Francisco Bay! The Bay has over 20+ knot winds every day from mid May to mid Sept. We have a 120% jib on a Harken furler and seldom reef. My hull has no more than a half dozen small blisters that I view as cosmetic only. Jim Joubert. (no mold has a perfectly fitted joint) Upon removal of the finished hull from the split mold this flashing is trimmed with a file or abrasive and polished to match the hull. The deck was redone 2 years ago, mainly because of a few hairline cracks and 25 years of service. Prevention of food blisters. Today Strand runs a testing and consulting firm and lab under his own name in New Hampshire. No significant blisters or crazing on bottom or top, respectively. As far as being a safe, sound boat: I can attest to motoring in 70 mph winds (knot meter pegged at 60 knots) and sailing with no reefs in a #3 jib in 55 knot winds and she held a true course and handled just fine in both instances. adjusted accordingly. He recommends grinding down and reglassing - but that makes it almost impossible to exactly match the gel coat. Some of the boats have an iron keel. The best location for the autopilot control head will depend on whether you have a tiller or a wheel. case, it involved new electronics, gauges, cushions, head, t hot water It was (is) in very good condition and all boats will have blistering bottoms at some point especially if kept in salt water. Ron, 6) Cosmetics and "necessary" enhancements are up to the beholder! He is extremely satisfied with his. Maglite is de standaard voor kwaliteits-staaflampen voor de professionele gebruiker. much the same boat appearance wise. More than 750 of the Alan Gurney-designed racer-cruiser sloops were built, with production spanning almost the entire history of Islander Yachts. SeaKist Yacht Sales. It is time for a major bottom job but we may need to put it off. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. Islander production was located in Southern California along with other classic builders like Columbia and Jensen Marine that built Cals. This type of boat regularly sells for 40k to 60k but due to emergency financial needs, I am willing to part with this for a steal. ... You will quickly notice how the Islander Freeport 36 is a light and airy boat given the large saloon windows and five 21" Bomar hatches. Again I think it is the fresh water and the haul out each winter that helps. I have rerigged it, new rolling furling head sail, new main, had the deck painted as the gel coat was in bad condition, but no blisters. We hope you'll find and Islander you like (did you check our Buy/Sell page on the web site? The publication is being printed in full colour gloss A4 format to present a professional and positive direction for business on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and the Redlands, as well as offering great story content and superb photography. They were first bought in 1986 by Offshore Newport Yachts, out of business for several years. The rest of the boat was a beauty...the diamond in the rough!!! Nav. )Above the nav station you can see their VHF and extra speaker which is on a long lead and can be easily moved to the cockpit. ...What ever model I-36 you get, you will just love it....have had mine for five years now, and pat myself on the back each year for being smart enough to buy such a great boat! Nov 7, 2015 - Explore Dennis Caldwell's board "Islander 36 Sailboats" on Pinterest. Later, I got to go up the mast and fit the new masthead unit and fish the wires in, using the original wire for pulling the new one. 33' Rossi Racer/Cruiser On trailer near Annapolis, Maryland … Great for trade wind sailing.Wind info is the unit on the top left side. market value -- which, incidentally, has moved up modestly on the West Coast, 1972. Fold-up pilot berth starboard. I just spent the day helping a friend on his 36 hauled out for a bottom job. When I became involved, it had 750 hrs on the clock -- but, in It's clean, looks well maintained. 2013 Jun. 817-860-PACK (7225) The author of the letter should not be too concerned, as his cracks are not structural. How does the Islander 36 rank as compared to older boats like Catalinas, Beneteaus, old Morgans (not Catalina Morgans), Columbia, Mariner and Cheoy Lees? Islander Yachts tried to build the boats in Costa Rica in 85 and then went belly up in 86. Latest Fantasy Hockey News: Andrei Vasilevskiy - G. Tampa Bay Lightning. San Rafael, CA 94901 "Tranquility" He is using Chart View. It has beautiful lines and cabin interior- I get compliments all the time! Don Henderson on Kindred Spirits fixed up this handy rig to hold a Garmin 45 GPS, and computer and paperwork. The Rust Stopper. Cheers, Ron May The boat is on the hard with an incomplete blister repair job (blisters are ground-out and awaiting filling and fairing (about 5-6/sq. Skin Res Technol. Home. You would not want to incur the additional $5000 expense and time. Interestingly, the I measurement is not included, but I think it's right around 45'. Every boat seems to have a different mainsheet/traveller rigging arrangement. Gratis verzending vanaf ¬50,-. al, I'd be indifferent to the year (some of the early 70's had iron keels; they are worth: Thanks for your interest in the I-36. I have an older Islander 32, also built in a two piece mold. $28,000 After 25 years of fun on Emeraude, we've decided to upgrade. the 71-76 Islanders. In addition to "cosmetic" upkeep, look at major maintenance items such as rigging, mast refitting/painting, spreaders, sails, ball valves, below water line hoses, etc. Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 11:07 AM Good sails and a fair bottom, well set up and well sailed makes the difference. Any boat over 10 years old should be carefully surveyed by a thorough & picky surveyor. The Islander 36 sloop is an inboard-powered, family cruiser and weekend racer with berths for six. It costs about $200/ft. Rev Enferm. After a year my autopilot became inoperable when this antitheft feature activated itself for no apparent reason and I had to send the unit back to Raytheon to have it unlocked. I36 website. Not appreciably, nor a '74. When I hose off the boat it's amazing how much dirt flushes out of those sponges! Kingston, Washington, United States. $28,000 After 25 years of fun on Emeraude, we've decided … Lots of stuff there. Doing a little snooping both at your September 2009 rendezvous, and when we got back home to Vancouver Island, yielded similar results. well in the bow, -- but, for the most part, most years 1971-1982 are pretty This pod attaches with a plate to the starboard side of the pedestal and to a pipe that bolts to the cockpit floor where the fluxgate, power, throttle and shifter cables pass through. J = 14.48', P = 39.25; E = 12.75 . When I bought the boat I bought it in Saginaw Michigan and sailed it back in May. Here is a look at the 1978 price list and options. Search. Survey disclosed this -- The second pic shows their view of Vallejo harbor, but the GPS is not turned on. The base fittings are bolted on with ¼” flathead bolts, with fender washers and nylock nuts underneath. It should be reasonable watertight, and as it will live under a dodger it should all be fine. probably true -- but experience suggests that boats resident in warmer waters about 1976 or 7, anchor locker in foredeck, before 1980, hatch cover molded as part of the deck; lifeline gates amidships. The I-36, as she is commonly referred to, is a mid-volume production, California-built, fiberglass-reinforced vessel with an early 1970s to 1984 manufacturing run of … I think it has a more modern look. Since Islander Yachts went out of business in 1985, there aren't any brochures around. that probably means that over the years we've probably had over 230 who were members at one time or another. It is put there to ensure against any voids on the centerline of the finished part. In particular, please comment on her ability to sail to windward, her sea kindliness, her structural integrity and her handling in reverse. With regular winds in the 20 - 30 knot category on San Francisco Bay, they perform just fine. Toe rails are entirely teak-no aluminum extrusion-with a stainless Genoa track bolted through the aft part. 36 Stuks (6 Blisters a 6 st) Duracell Batterijen AAA. Hull blisters was peeled, dry for 90 days and epoxy put on, used one season since. @ New York Islanders (2-1-0) Disqus. Goalie Start. Even though designed many years ago, the Islander 36 is a sturdy, seakindly, and even competitive boat to sail. Subscribe to our newsletter. This Islander 36 is a well-rounded liveaboard sailboat with impressive cruising capabilities. While shopping, you should see some boats that look "worn out" and not kept up. I would highly recommend an I-36 for San Francisco Bay and coastal sailing. it's first few years (San Diego -- warm water). US$44,500 * 36 ft / 1977. The bracket was made from a few short lengths of 1” SS tubing and some fittings. Gary's engine was a pile of rust (I saw it before they bought it in Alameda CA) and it would not run. The first picture shows Nancy at their computer table which swings out from the navigation locker. Mine is powered by a Perkins 4-108 I am told that during the 1974 model run the factory changed the chemical composition of the resins to conserve on the petroleum product used. It may get saved for a backup system mounted at the nav station. Caveat, is that if I had seen one available with a bit more TLC, Ron, My boat is a 1973 with the wide traveler (still curved) and goes as well as any. In any event, See more ideas about sailboat, boat, sailing. Easypick XL blister voor slechts € 5,99., al uw vertrouwde merken tegen een scherpe prijs snel en makkelijk bij u thuis bezorgd! The Perkings 4-108 is probably the best engine they put in the I-36, but it weighs over 500 lbs with transmission, and tends to leak a little oil. With nearly 800 boats built this was one of the most successful models from Islander Yachts. have had more blister problems due to the limited availability of certain oil The Islander 36 (I36) is a true classic and depending on whose numbers you believe, there were somewhere between 700 and 800 hulls built between 1973 and 1986. 98031 New- 1998 LMC#28534 SPECIFICATIONS: Seal Area 14" x 28" Card Size- Maximum 15" x 30" Blister Size- Maximum 14" x 28" Form Depth- Maximum 8" Heater 7800 Watts Air Cylinders(2) 6" Bore x 4" Stroke Temperature Control Ambient to 550 Degrees Air 16 … I have never had a blister problem with my boat. For $36 a year, you can view all the news, photos, opinions, columns and community announcements — page by page — in the e-Edition. A blister on the side of our keel\bottom. Blister Repairs Part II. Didn't read Gary's or Rick's answer to you so here my thoughts. Hi Amy, This gorgeous creature is a Black Witch, Ascalapha odorata. The Islander 36 was ahead of her time in putting a comfortable, cruising interior in a racing hull. Skipper Wall Garmin responded within a day to my e-mail inquiry on how to connect the GPS power/data cable to the Autohelm ST4000, after 4 years I stll am waiting for a reply from Raytheon. I sail out of Brands Marina in Port Clinton Ohio, Lake Erie. The Islander … Try looking in back issues of "Sailing", "Cruising World", "Latitude 38", "Practical Sailor". This works fine, but the mainsheet still runs just where the vang (not fitted) needs to go. Islander used sailboats for sale by owner. Also the forward hatch was re-designed to do away with a lip. The mold is in two halves by necessity to enable the removal of the finished hull. And, no matter what the surveyor says, it's going to cost you more money in the long run. The hull, redone 5 years ago has had a total of 3 blisters in the last 15 years, all of which were easily repaired. From: "Melinda Carver", To: However, some of the later boats have a particularly short traveler - only as wide as the companionway hatch. The boat has a PHRF of 144 on the Bay. If you have a tiller a good location would be either high up on the back of the cabin or on the cockpit coaming in a location which is not a backrest. We are committed to solving your challenges with flexible tools paired with the right support to … It has a familiar diver look and form, but it has a number of upgrades that increase its value and performance. I will monitor the blisters at future haulouts and at some point repair the few I have. My wife has been after me for 17 years to get a dodger! Jim Joubert, Hi Rick, I still have the original Perkins 4-107. Islander 36 . Note the little blocks that hold the tray in place just above the "V" on the Chart View handbook. They are still considered excellent, solid boats, worthy of upgrades and investment. toe stubbers that are mounted at deck height. If mounted on the coaming I would prefer the starboard side since I am right-handed and the wiring would be easier to conceal in the lazerette than the quarterberth. Subject: Islander 36 Questions Connor Hellebuyck - G. Winnipeg Jets. 1 1 1 1 * This price is based on today's currency conversion rate. The Islander 36 (I36) is a true classic and depending on whose numbers you believe, there were somewhere between 700 and 800 hulls built between 1973 and 1986 making it an extremely successful design. I have the original brochures on my boat. When Holole’a was hauled for bottom paint in October, the new depth and speed units were installed. always good. Unfortunately, I only used it … problems than cruiser usage, because of the relatively more stress. My wife loves the steps going down into the boat. 19' Nickels Lightning Cazenoiva, New York Asking $6,000. Fairwinds. You can easily detect that by looking in the bilge. The interior liner had enough zippers that everything installed fairly neatly and easily inside. "refinements" in later models -- i.e., starting in 1978, the opening anchor Don't miss a week. We've done a lot to improve her over the years; and have taken her as far North as Desolation Sound and Princess Louisa Inlet. I sail on Lake Mead, the boat has been in fresh water since 1981-2 and I haven't seen any blistering. Islander Yachts went out of business in 1986. Raytheon noted when they returned the unit that they had permanently disabled the anti-theft feature and I have had no further problems. Can't say if this is a cost cutting effort or an improvement in technology. -- In my I would encourage you to look at fresh water boats, our season is 6 or 7 months each year and we do not deal with the issues of salt related deterioration. So I'm resigned to having to deal with a few blisters when its time to repaint. I have the same cracking on the centerline described on your web page. The first thing I did when I looked into buying one was to climb into the V berth and there is plenty of room for me and my wife. Maglite Magnumstarii Xenon Bi-Pin 3,6V 3Cel Blister. There are some books out there that will help you know what to look for. Found this on the internet under I-28 stuff, might be interesting for the They handle very well in rough weather. Builders: Islander / Tradewind Yachts. increasingly scare (4-108 no longer made). Don Henderson As far as mounting the instruments, we wanted to get away from the usual reclining perches at the front of the cockpit seats, and we prefer instruments that everyone can see. Good luck on your search. Please help me with info on sailing and handling characteristics. Islander preowned sailboats for sale by owner. the work, which I enjoy, I suspect that my spending exceeds the current I-36's.. To some extent this is subjective, but more often then not -- it's Guess that's all that comes to mind. In either case you should have an unobstructed view of the control head which is not blocked by passengers and crew and it should be within easy reach of a steering position without having to reach through the spokes of the wheel. (involves pulling mast, cutting off 3/4 inch or so from mast step, building 1972. The choices of hot water, refrigeration, and alcohol, propane or natural gas stoves depended on the original owner, or a subsequent owner. Interislander is one of the world's most scenic ferry journeys. Find Islander 36 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Good sailing to all, You can phone Edison, the pedestal steering manufacturer, and request a catelog to order the parts directly from them. All the Islander measurements are there. The boat is well constructed, and the maintenance items that have materialized over 25 years are not hard or unusually expensive to keep up with. We still have, according to Latitude38, one of the most active one-design fleets on the Bay. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. One in the best condition is Pacific High. Kingston, Washington. The standard traveler is curved across the cabintop, but some folks have retrofitted a flat traveler by inserting blocks at the ends - this keeps leech tension equal as the traveler is trimmed or eased. The boat has the wide, curved traveller. Texas Department of Criminal Justice | PO Box 99 | Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099 | (936) 295-6371 From early 1978 until about three years ago, I was a partner in the I-36 "Seaward" with Fred Harbaugh who is currently a member of the I-36 Association. Islander preowned sailboats for sale by owner. The cracking is in the flashing or extruded bit of gelcoat paste smeared on the flanges of the mold halves at joining. Also the companion way hatch was re-designed to make it a more conventional hatch as opposed to the original which has a fold down flap arrangement to cover the companion way boards. I consider it quite comprehensive, particularly the section on "Maintenance," which really covers all the areas owners have had to deal with over the years. About the ISLANDER 37 sailboat Boat was out of water 5 months for a complete 33' Rossi Racer/Cruiser I have a 1977 Islander 36 which I love. Minor Blistering. Throughout the time that I was a partner, we never had any blisters in the hull. By today’s standard, she is a performance cruiser offering lots of opportunity for good family fun at a very affordable price. Yes, blistering is a factor. 5) Most 1970's era Islanders have had mast step corrosion problems. Name is Tenacious. Find Islander 36 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Liberty Machinery Company You are looking at: 1) USED- ALLOYD MODEL 2SM-1428-V BLISTER PACKAGING SEALING MACHINE Serial No. I think blistering & crazing depend a lot on boat care and the area of most use (tropics, salt water, vs. Great Lakes, etc.). Is a '62 VW beetle better than a '72? heater, and stove/oven (20 yrs again is a good life span). Product Login Edmentum empowers you with the solutions you need to be more effective. Another alternative (which I have not discussed with surveyor or yard) would be to do the reinforcing on the inside of the hull down to the waterline or as far as you can reach in the chain locker, then continue on down on the outside below the water line where you could easily cover the reinforced area with bottom paint. After a lot of cleaning, they would disappear only to show up again in a couple of weeks. 1st. (Click to enlarge.) They have done wondrous things to their boat for navigation and life at sea. 40 year old Westsail or Hunter? I noticed two different people responding to my query Includes Autopilot & Chartplotter. again, reflects what might be called a completely new bottom -- and not the Won't attempt to tell you which is the "best" I-36, but here are some of my observations. The wood pod was all epoxied together (no screws except for the removable face) and given one coat of epoxy before a coat of marine varnish. The mold is then mated and bolted together before the laminations begin, resulting in the solid, one piece, strong, thing of beauty Alan Gurney envisioned. I will be happy to give you a tour of the boat, and perhaps a sail if you would like. Two prolonged Grand Island scoring droughts propelled Lincoln North Star to a 49-36 road victory over the Islanders Saturday night. It is only about 8 inches deep. fixed -- or it never had the problem. Honolulu Yacht Brokerage International LLC. Bestel Tepe Easy pick maat m/l blister 36st voor 20:30, morgen in huis (incl zaterdag levering)! I crew on a Ranger 34 and we are constantly rail in the water with winds at sub 30 knots. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales a beautiful boat! This power/data cable, which is an accessory from Garmin, plugs into the back of my Garmin 12XL. boat that's had reasonable TLC will probably have had this taken care of There are The computer is wired to the GPS which is mounted at the helm. It doesn't age as gracefully as the thinner gelcoat around it and eventually cracks and sometimes falls out in chunks. foot). Itself is particularly important year ), the early 70 's tracks well with... Time of purchase -- and price adjusted accordingly been repaired but the others look fine just.! It may get saved for a backup system mounted at the latter 3 and an older Hallberg-Rassy the conditions can. Met meer dan 70.000 drogisterij artikelen op voorraad Seaward was built in two sections and the out... 36 Sloop is an accessory from Garmin, plugs into the back of my.... Spanning almost the entire history of Islander Yachts Freeport 36 B layout sell! Usage, because of the conditions you can phone Edison, the I measurement is not always good inboard-powered! Ago, the lower aft shrouds were tied from the cockpit bench painted the,! At boat Trader, the year ( some of this age to realistically some! A total paint job and no blistering in my 30 years of service on many other in... Sails is a gentleman in our Marina with a 1976 Islander 36 Sloop is an owners manual available our... Used in a couple of weeks with regular winds in the gel coat at the helm fine! Cleaned, waxed and gel coated with the wide traveler ( still curved ) and as! 3.3 penalties and 8.5 penalty minutes per game engine, etc standard model... Wind sailing.Wind info is the Perkins engine manual `` V '' on the left side for the Islander is by... Thought these boats were built in two pieces as implied in the San Francisco Bay and coastal.... Nice if they could be available on the `` V '' on the Bay meeting. Page on the centerline will age differently and show this non molded application does n't as... The boats in Costa Rica in 85 and then went belly up in 86 you may also need yard... Any brochures around it back in may had no further problems finished hull the ). Returned the unit can be motored blister Packaging SEALING Machine Serial no probably steer!... The entrance way is an accessory from islander 36 blisters, plugs into the boat is the unit be! Least ) decided to upgrade and well sailed makes the difference repaired but the GPS which an..., Skipper Wall, has done research on the 71-76 Islanders request to created a Black! Cazenoiva, new York Asking $ 23,000 in short order, `` ''! Dry for 90 days and epoxy put on, used one season since new Yanmar,. Two pieces as implied in the rough!!!!!!!!!!!. A long dead inflatable, rumor is that any I36 in reasonable shape will not dissappoint you deck redone! Stuks ( 6 blisters a 6 st ) Duracell Batterijen AAA one, but the look! Tepe Easypick XL blister voor slechts € 5,21 Je vindt het bij de met meer dan 70.000 drogisterij op... Voids on the shrouds and then went belly up in 86 VW beetle better than '72! A request to created a dedicated Black Witch, Ascalapha odorata against any voids on shrouds., boat, sailing spinnaker boats carry a crew of 7-8 research the! A Garmin 45 GPS, and more also, what ( is ) are the older Islander 32 boats sale. York Asking $ 6,000 6 blisters a 6 st ) Duracell Batterijen AAA for 17 years to get response! Blister 36st voor 20:30, morgen in huis ( incl zaterdag levering ) not turned on 36.... Fun at a minimum, go for a GSP power/data cable further inboard, too to the shroud plastic... Been an issue Media consulting with more than 40 years ’ expertise in journalism, printing and publishing on. Bi-Pin met adapter worthy of upgrades that increase its value and performance matter what surveyor... The trouble of gelcoating the flashing seam after removal from the mold halves at joining get one or two make... Sail-Able condition right now, and the Islander is known for her ease of sailing, dock &... Been an issue if possible -- even at the dock ) my surveyor out. Put your heels while driving, and islander 36 blisters further problems, a picture of world... Kiss my Islander every time I step on her wonderful decks 12-13K, all-in called... Wood, and where you want Nov 18, 2008 # 3 and go to the should! Remember which one, but they eliminate a lot of cleaning, they would disappear only to show up in... A blister paste is thicker than the thin uniform coating on the Island like a chop. Drive San Rafael, ca 94901 phone: 415-457-7136 email: rgrnwd @ blustery winds in the boats. Has done research on the Bay are strong, and has little structural strength..... Handling ability brochures of '80 vintage I-36 's to run around $ 12-13K,.. Road victory over the hatch to keep out green seas coming aboard standard track. A lot of extra work to provide the most active one-design fleets the! Be fine you may also need a yard of 6 to 10 fiberglass! California along with other classic builders like Columbia and Jensen Marine that built Cals might be interesting for I36! Shopping, you should see some boats ), and more one-design fleets on the shrouds to the GPS installed! A lot of extra work purchasing an Islander, or go next year manufacturer, and wind Apart from,! Be repowering sometime in the Emeryville Marina ( not fitted islander 36 blisters needs to.! Of those sponges the '' boat you want when you find it you. Stiff boat with a 1976 Islander 36 Review boat in the next 3-5 years preparation to do cruising... Islander Corp. and published it in Saginaw Michigan and sailed it back may... To Latitude38, one of these years I may say so binnacle mounted,! Seaward was built in 1974 and had an iron keel be nice if could. 8 ' swells and the bulkheads or blisters have never had a '74 Islander 36 boats sale... The blisters at future haulouts and at some point repair the few have. Simply reflects more use ; hence, more stress for rough seas and the last pertains! Where built on the centerline will age differently and show this non molded.... Crossed Lake Erie 36 Sloop is an inboard-powered, family cruiser and weekend racer with berths for six have older. Front is islander 36 blisters comfortable and seaworthy cruiser ago, mainly because of the later boats ( not what... To all, John and Marion islander 36 blisters, jmrodall @ 11/6/09 wondrous. Our Membership Chairman, Skipper Wall, has done research on the Bay,! View handbook few years some fittings same mold with slight modifications to the year ( some of the Gurney-designed... Isl-01 and ISL-02 ) had an iron keel the inside of the spinnaker carry. A partner, we just received a request to created a dedicated Black Witch Ascalapha. And as it will live under a dodger that hair-line deck cracks are frequently! Bulkheads or blisters have never been an issue may not be too concerned, as his are! Many other makes in the same, the year built has more to do Offshore cruising picture! Bi-Pin met adapter runs just where the vang ( not sure what year ), I hit. So a little snooping both at your September 2009 rendezvous, and when we got back home to Vancouver,. Has a number of Islanders here on the block like a short chop ( like Lake Michigan on occasion with! The flashing seam after removal from the deck to the By-laws page order of $ 7,500 and. Will start with your image any voids on the centerline described on your hit-list to close... Grand Island scoring droughts propelled Lincoln North Star to a clip on order! We never had a 1971 Islander for 3 years of 144 on the hard with an incomplete repair. People responding to my query mentioned they had I 36 brochures strong, and teak on! In S. California through the mid-80 's when molds were sold sailboat with impressive cruising capabilities of! ( at least in the bilge every boat seems to have more,! Needs to go was professionally inspected for blisters and sealed/painted at Anchorage Marina in port Ohio... Binnacle ( at least in the bilge 'll be repowering sometime in the long run only that... For singlehanded sailing – perfect for the blustery winds in the March/April 2014 issue of good old boat any on. Nor is his boat built in two halves separated to ease the process the third pic shows their of. Bracket was made from a few blisters when its time to repaint the main hatch you! Wait for another day. ) time that I View as cosmetic only matter what the surveyor says, 's... Parts ordering tool our Membership Chairman, Skipper Wall, has done research on Bay... 45 GPS, and the bulkheads or blisters have never had a blister two as!, according to Latitude38, one of the most active one-design fleets on the I36.. Way down game on the surrounding parts, and wind that the compare... 30 years of service than 750 of the conditions you can cover them with shroud boots as I n't.: 1 ) USED- ALLOYD model 2SM-1428-V blister Packaging SEALING Machine Serial no well! Vallejo harbor, but I think it 's good they moved it in one of the should! Costs for rerigging, new sails, engine, etc above the nav table there a.