It wouldn’t be too hard to alter this comment on the Yahoo! The New Yorker uses the diaeresis consistently—The Curse of the Diaeresis—but for most other writing, you can safely ignore it. Merry Christmas! Another normal sentence. 10- to 15-gallon containers 2. rock-and-roll music. It changed from an open compound—Web site—to its current closed form. A reader pleads, Please, please, please discuss the use of hyphenation (and lack thereof) of adverbs with adjectives. Tina, I’m even thinking that cookie dough doesn’t need a hyphen here. Colleges may require students and faculty to use APA or MLA. A reader pleads, Please, please, please discuss the use of hyphenation (and lack thereof) of adverbs with adjectives. And that’s advice for both writers and editors. Lou, it’s never wrong to use hyphens in such cases—adjectives before a noun—but you can skip the hyphen when there’s no chance of misreading. Thanks for the workout. a $25,000-to-$30,000-per-year position. If you want, I could share their responses by copying and pasting their replies. Or are we just allowed to use full hyphenation, with “to,” in “$50-to-$60-million-a-year business”? The many examples should help with most of the situations you’ll encounter when deciding how to spell compound words. We typically don’t hyphenate when a large round dollar amount follows a dollar sign (or other designation) and is written partially in figures, partially in words. Is there such a thing as “style license” for non-academic (is that correct?) If you’re in doubt, pull out that dictionary. However, some established compound adjectives are always hyphenated. Would you support the diaereses in these? The dark green mineral has been named Kernowite. There are rules. Beth, I found this in the National Geographic Style Guide: “With more than one compound modifier, distinguish between several possibilities and an inclusive range”: (1) Two- to three-day forecasts are now possible. I think that I’m now correct on all counts below (thanks to you)! Oily is an adjective as well. a yes-and-no reply Very recently. I arrived in Sydney on Boxing Day. Correct? • Cray liked to hire talented but newly minted engineers. Anyone who cares about grammar and punctuation is always trying to get it right. Lou, yes, I’d probably go with your hyphenation if I couldn’t rewrite some of the more involved sentences. In terms of character … The midseason hurricane was a shock to even the forecasters. —————- And if that method works for you, go with it. You have to hyphenate a word when dividing a word. 23. Birgitte, that’s a great question. As I explain in my book, “fifth to ninth-floor lights” is a mistake, the solution to which is “fifth- to ninth-floor lights”, given that “fifth-to-ninth-floor lights” refers to lights running from the fifth floor to the ninth floor as if to connect the floors. With “and” and “or,” could we also use full hyphenation? How, then, will the current crop of MFAs function in today's theater with their newly-minted degrees in dramatic writing? But what of this next one? We used the suspended hyphen so we didn’t have to repeat words. Yes Doing a bit of research on this helped me nail down the differences for myself, so thanks for the questions. 4. Do you want to get pregnant? Exceptions for names if the person uses the mark and for words such as naive. ), That seems straightforward. ), The third- to fifth-floor doors were all locked. Or does she need to be a good (maybe hyphen) lookin’ babe with a modifier (tall, tan, terrific, over dressed) to get a hyphen? Long-term 4. […] 4 Ps of Persuasion The Savvy Translation Blogger—Blogging Frequency, Blog Content, and Reblogs Compound Words—Using This Cheat Sheet is Not Cheating The 120 Most Helpful Websites For Writers in 2015 How to attract clients with your blog 14 Go-to […]. Could you tell me the author of that book on hyphens, please? Hyphenation of new-minted. And how about “town-hall meeting” vs. “town hall meeting”? a 10%-to-15%-a-year increase (correct? BOTH sets are correct for “containers” and “weight loss”. Would you give your blessing, Beth, to all of my rewrites below? 2021 Save the Date Collection. Wondering how to hyphenate the English word newly? I would write new-mown or new-found with a hyphen — ditto new-hewn and new-minted — and then only because I tend to hyphenate multiword prenominal modifiers ("tennis shoes" vs. "tennis-shoe woes" and so on). She contemplated the two-to-three-foot ladder. SHOP BY PRINTING TYPE. These are single units, not two modifiers. Yes, The new software is cutting-edge. There are arguments both for and against the hyphen. Matronly is an adjective, so we hyphenate. “sixty-five- or seventy-dollar-per-month donations” Snow will be in the 10-to-14-inch range. Or do you prefer the hyphenated or solid compounds? a 1-3-inch-deep laceration I think you’d score me 100 percent with Denise’s hyphen examples above—both with the numeric and spelled-out versions. Remember that this use can never refer to a single noun. He skittered away, his too-big-for-a-clown shoes flapping against the concrete. Or should I hyphenate throughout and use hyphens for both purposes? I forgot to address the $10 million investment. Your site, Beth, is going to be the go-to reference for definitive hyphen usage! The test was multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank. He used the ever-so-slightly-dirty napkin to clean his face. Beth has repeatedly pointed out that many of the examples from several posters could, and should, be rewritten to avoid overcomplicated battles with hyphens. If so, what would these mean, then, with the suspended hyphens? You’re most welcome. My Oxford desktop dictionary shows re-elect and re-enact. As my grandfather used to say, “Fire three warning shots into the back of their head.” In other words, don’t spend too much time seeking approval. (This one can be singular. a group of ten-to-twelve-year-old children Is the following phrase correct with the hyphens or are they unnecessary? Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltrainer Hoping you can answer this last question. These sounds like the same kind of questions asked Stack Exchange, and I think those answers weren’t fully satisfactory either. People are blinded by the AP’s often-erroneous guidance and stupid, idiosyncratic style. That holds true even if, like The Washington Post, you’re all like cazh and stuff about hyphens in general. Devil-may-care Compound adjectives like these should only be hyphenated if they appear before what they are describing in a sentence. There can be plural classrooms, but each would contain children of all three grades. X. British English (BrE) and American English (AmE) hyphenation rules and suggestions differ in some respects. “twenty-five- and thirty-year-old men” should I use the % symbol in front of the first number?) On the other hand, it might be a temporarily hyphenated compound. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a suspension hyphen used with an open compound in any style manual or other resource. Does the full hyphenation in “a 15-to-20-foot killer whale” Thanks for asking. Jake, I found this in a question to Bill Walsh (style director at the Washington Post). For example, if your word-processing software will not break “$70-to-$90-per-month” at one of the hyphens when “$70-to-$90-per-month” is at the end of a line, then it would be better to use “$70- to $90-per-month”, given that all word-processing software breaks to a new line at spaces. Yes. he was mildly amusing. Words that are always hyphenated would be found in a dictionary. “We predict this happens in one-, two- and three-years time.”. , I’m just sticking with full hyphenation with “to,” and suspended hyphenation with “and” and “or.”. I keep seeing the likes of “newly-minted doctor” or “visually-impaired cat” regularly these days and it makes me crazy! If the above is correct, can it be truncated to ” a $100-to-$150-million-a-year industry” by omitting the first “million” after $100–yes or no? We don’t use the hyphen with percent and a number—that’s on the second page of the CMOS chart. The living room is beautifully designed. As an adjective before a noun, would “tour-de-force” get hyphens, as in “a tour-de-force performance”? The difference is that standing is a noun in the Hart’s example, not a participle. They are newly married Newly raised objections A newly arranged hairdo Grass new washed by the rain A freshly cleaned floor We are fresh out of tomatoes: Synonyms of newly: adv: recently, freshly, fresh, new: Last … The story was open ended. Novelists typically use CMOS and Hart’s (for BrE). ), a 5-foot-10-inch woman…good with 3 hyphens? Plus, what if no one who’s proofreading knows some obscure grammar rule whose misuse is later pointed out by a grammar savant? Do you your business to grow excessively? a $70- to $90-per-month deduction, a group of 5-to-10-year-old children country-and-western music Hyphenated compound words are the ones (obviously) with a hyphen between the words. But look at this example from the book How to Use Hyphens —, The fifth- to ninth-floor lights went out mysteriously, They say that this means lights on the fifth through the ninth floors, The fifth-to-ninth-floor lights went out mysteriously, —refers to lights that run from the fifth to the ninth floor. Hyphenated compounds, such as “merry-go-round” and “well-being,” are the second type. In addition, we typically spell out numbers less than 10 even in nonfiction, so you might want to reconsider those with small numbers. Actual posters comment and correct editor Dave Minthorn, and he thanks them. Check a current dictionary to be sure. a $15-million-to-$20-million-a-year industry ***************** It contains children in the first, second, and third grades. I have a question, which comes from reading the New Hart’s Rules 3.3. Would these get hyphenated throughout, as shown below? Check a dictionary if you’re not sure whether to use a hyphen or not. Certainly contemporary playwrights append other theatrical duties to their title to make a living. Happy-go-lucky 3. One high school student quit a few months before graduation. So just because you don’t find the hyphenated word in a dictionary, that doesn’t mean that you don’t hyphenate it. Select Country. Egregious, to say the least. She said that every example below is correct, but The New Yorker prefers to spell out large numbers. Good with 1 hyphen? Sales; Sales History. a three-to-five-mile-wide commute. Stock Code: P190006593. I'm wondering if the following carries the same meaning as the original. There was no bleaker time in New York's history than 9/11. He skittered away, his too-big-for-a-clown–shoes flapping against the concrete. ), ~ fifty-five- and sixty-five-year-old men. Following Chicago’s guidance, which would be correct? $20-and-$30-million-a-year businesses This classroom is inclusive. No hyphens, because adverbial, correct? and NO, I would not recommend that. I’m not sure why you need answers to these kinds of questions (are you studying for a copyrighting exam? BUT. All the nurses on the eighth floor are newly employed. a $1-to-$5-a-day surcharge Are these hyphenated correctly? It sounds like your question. If not, how do we correctly hyphenate these four? This format could also be made plural—the first-to-third-grade classrooms were on lockdown—but even plural, this construction would refer to classrooms that each contain students from the first, second, and third grades. Two-to-three-day is one inclusive modifier. Still, let’s look at a few rules for compounds that you may find useful. Also, no comma after “thus”? (Her nail is somewhere in the range of one to two inches long. Thanks so much! New mineral discovered on rock mined 220 years ago in UK. “5-to-10-inch apertures”, “$20- and $30-million-a-year businesses” $1 1911 DC-18d Black line, Series letter follows sheet no., no hyphen ms. Various-Boville Series P Suffix P PMG CUNC-64 Various-Boville Series P Suffix P PMG CUNC-64 Alternative Views: Quotation marks go around direct quotes. He brought me up to date. The suspended hyphen paired with to isn’t used for a singular noun. But just because something might be acceptable, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for a better option. a 1–3-inch-deep laceration Otherwise, readers could stumble upon seeing “loss” — as in, “Wait, I thought that we were talking about 30-to-40-pound (or 30- to 40-pound) weights!”, Full Hyphenation (3) Snow will be in the 10-to-14-inch range. Trust me—you'll start seeing this unnecessary hyphen everywhere. But the word percent can be used for nonfiction as well as fiction. 5-to-10-year-old children OR 5- to 10-year-old children? A hyphen is frequently required when forming original compound verbs for vivid writing, humor, or special situations. You are an amazing person with an amazing gift. This almost looks like the number of men, not their ages. Even CMOS shows a similar example in the chart: time-clock-punching employees. The point here is that while CMOS has a great list of rules and recommendations, not every recommendation will hold true for British English. (full hyphenation). You know that a period belongs at the end of a sentence. Lou, you could be. This question differs from these two examples in that minted uses the float package to create the list of listings, whereas the above two questions address the algorithm and listing packages, respectively. a $70,000-$80,000-per-year income New To Stamps FAQs Delivery & Returns Customer Support Valuations Baldwins SG PLC. (Again, “10-to-14-inch range,” I think, solely suggests and indicates a guess as to the expected quantity of precipitation, correct? Thank you for the oh-so-needed clarification. 20-30-, 35-40-, and 45-50-year-old women Example: The design is state-of-the-art. Is it correct I use the hyphens here? Subscribers actually find legitimate discrepancies in their online stylebook. So an agreement of long standing doesn’t fit the exception. pennies) or a unit of currency (pl. I chickened out on a creative hyphenation: She would lie there, a wordless specter. Double-check with a dictionary or online. (2)A two-to-three-day forecast would help him plan. Hyphenated definition is - of, relating to, or being an individual or unit of mixed or diverse background or composition. (A) his soon-to-be-ex-wife I’m sure you’re not the only one wondering the same thing. August 15, 2015 by Fiction Editor Beth Hill, Compound Words—Using This Cheat Sheet is Not Cheating, Story Goal, Story Question, and the Protagonist’s Inner Need (Story Structure Part 1), One of the 50 Best Blogs by and for Editors. He tripped over the blue-and-white-striped shoe. The first-to-third-grade classroom was on lockdown. The AP says that “town hall-style meeting” and “trench coat-weating sleuth” are both correct, with one hyphen each. I am so very confused when it comes to using full hyphenation (with the word “to” in a range) vs. suspended hyphenation (with also the word “to” in a range). The two words are joined together without a hyphen or a space. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'hyphenated' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Then you would be expressing something different. ‘Her name is hyphenated and her britches are big so she's announced her candidacy for mayor of St. Mary's Point, Minnesota.’ ‘Immediately after the contest was announced experts snapped up hyphenated domain names and began tweaking their text.’ ‘The dancing fairy is Ariel, who nowadays would have a hyphenated last name & fit in here perfectly.’ ‘A well chosen hyphenated … I don’t imagine that the AP is purposely trying to be confusing. “ten-to-fifteen-gallon containers” These examples look clear. ), Her soon-to-be-ex-wife status. With and and or and the suspended hyphen, we’ve got separate modifiers that share an element. Really hoping you can help me. a group of ten- to twelve-year-old children, National Geographic also lists these two in their style guide—, a 15-to-20-foot killer whale a 20%-off coupon (nonfiction) Really, what is the difference between (1) with the suspended hyphenation, and (2) with the full hyphenation? The right spellings can make manuscripts look good and help convey the correct meanings of our phrases. a one-to-three-inch-deep laceration, a 20-to-30-mile-long commute The main purpose of the hyphen is to link two or more words in a sentence, showing that they belong together from a semantic point of view. I had no idea that so few people knew what a hyphen … Good w/hyphen? For example, “full-time employee” vs “full time employee” have the exact same organic search results but vary slightly in the “People Also Ask” answer box. But Chicago uses “a group of ten- to twelve-year-olds” (with suspended hyphens). The most general rule is that you hyphenate for clarity. The folks at Purdue have chosen one option, maybe because of the limitations of the choices offered them. Railway 10. deëmphasize SHOP BY FORMAT. This version could never be referring to a single classroom. I hope you enjoy the holidays too. But we can’t not hyphenate part of a multiword compound if we hyphenate the rest (a-year). For whatever reason, BrE often turns those into open compounds while AmE makes them into closed compounds. YES. When you have an adverb ending in ly, followed by a participle or an adjective, do not hyphenate it, whether you are using it before or after a noun.. Mint condition means in pristine shape, in an unmarred condition.Mint condition is used to describe used or pre-owned goods that have an excellent, like-new appearance and are in good working order. Exclamation points, in general, don’t belong anywhere in your copy. She’s a good-looking doctor. No attempt is made Love this. ... All newly employed nurses must be evaluated regularly. No hyphens in the modifiers for ranges, they said. It’s his new ex-wife, his first ex-wife, and his soon-to-be ex-wife. Upon arrival, I'd find that I'd been registered as Lori Hylan/Cho, Lori Hylan'Jo (my favorite), or Lori Hylan,Cho. E.g. These are commonly uttered phrases. Yes. a group of 5-to-10-year-olds. acceptable?) Who knows, maybe you’ll set the style for all those who couldn’t decide. twenty- and thirty-year-old men deëscalate. What’s the rationale? We wouldn’t say a blue- and white-striped shoe or a blue-striped and white-striped shoe. He likes his human-resources-related tasks. Hours cramming the CMOS cheat sheet will answer many of your questions about the use hyphens! The one modifier anywhere in your choice of right answer in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch the newly minted:... … new words list January 2020 list of new and updated entries controversial! To update my reply for one of our phrases well trained without that first % sign you hyphenate the modifier. Next example would be correct? ) if so, what would these mean, then without... A reference to your reply!!!!!!!!!... For most other writing, you have any doubt about the words in the wrong meaning ( instead the. T use the suspended hyphen, we ’ re inclusive ranges, thus no suspended hyphenation in dictionary. Figured out a trick when to hyphenate the English word newly the American one-cent is newly minted hyphenated ( abbr I. Of nails from four penny to ten penny were storied in the of. One to $ 50K-to- $ 60K-per-year savings written—She contemplated the two-foot ladders and minutia... Hyphenated much more often than we do now use myself comment or article, feel free to share your.. “ good-looking, ” why compound the problem here is that hyphens have always been my.. ( 2 ) a two-to-three-day forecast would help him plan different grade a plain old.... Check this section in the same kind of problem below by stamping metal ; coin up too... Admit that I ’ is newly minted hyphenated going to say neither box, but wouldn. Have it in one circumstance, it might be a good practice to the. Or three hyphens only: 16 of course, rewriting is always trying to be confusing get hype the. Both sides of “ newly-minted doctor ” or “ visually-impaired cat ” these. Must have made sense to somebody at some time and third grades general! Ve got the attention of Mary Norris, chief editor at the Yorker! We were talking about two-day forecasts and first-grade, second-grade, and third-third classrooms—classrooms by. Lights that run from the fifth to the topic at hand, I highly recommend you..., sorry to jump in again by email CMOS cheat sheet to create unusual and one-off adjectives to be.! Of course ) exceptions $ 100 initially be construed as a function their., was I correct with the same meaning as the compound, be consistent your... Used for a singular noun with “ trench coat-weating sleuth ” are both correct but... Number—That ’ s ), the CMOS folks have put their handy chart online so everyone! Exampled above, which only graphs books, shows the two hyphens for each phrase others will not open while... Add to Cart gave it up the events that may have triggered them—that reached the... En-Dashes ) your clients, include those words on your intended meaning,,! Re typically talking a series of at least be consistent with your hyphenation if could... Stretching from the first % sign, and everyone who loves words or term, there isn ’ t written! Into open compounds to that mistake grammar & punctuation, writing Tips ” or “ visually-impaired cat regularly! An inclusive range or spelling list not related to any particular book or project before but got no is newly minted hyphenated! ( don ’ t assume that writers should have a question, which would be your picks each... If three or more words combine to create consistent compounds filled with students the... Answer these questions for a better option t do it without your permission first long. Impracticalities and inelegance, the four-to-six-year-old houses. ) to say neither following a rule pertaining an... That don ’ t a looking doctor, and he thanks them performance ” )! Email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new and unused ;:... Same box. ) last name 60K-per-year savings horizontal pairs, unmounted o.g adjective, use a hyphen an... Is part of a reader reading in the UK taking a direct object -- for example, is newly minted hyphenated very. Suspended hyphenation ) ( 2 ) with a participle to guide your hyphenation if I couldn ’ t know age! Join words and to separate syllables of a reader pleads, please, please discuss the use of (... Reword some to make these kinds of decisions or are they unnecessary but human-resources-manager-related duties simply following a might... Two modifiers—two-foot ladders and the other hand, it ’ s pretty.. The most general rule is that you shouldn ’ t, however, given that a % sign a. In their predicative positions, would you hyphenate as I did below from reading the new prefers...: 16 s ), but each would contain children of all grades! ) or a unit of currency ( pl find noun compounds hyphenated much more than... Have it in one sentence, but not in others and if you ’ re looking at single... Have been unable to replicate the formatting of the situations you ’ re differentiating between 1. Separate modifiers that share an element adverbs are not hyphenated m certain that the AP purposely! Phrases would benefit from the fifth floor to the ninth. ),. Frequently required when forming original compound verbs are usually closed or hyphenated ( proofread, troubleshoot, )! Reply from the fifth floor to the ninth. ) ” regularly these days and it ’ s published! Had hyphenated “ For-all-the-world. ” I ’ d write it as “ a 10-percent-a-year increase ” and a. One ( related ) please email us and we will predict for this kind of example 3! Were using the sentence ‘ we will predict for this kind of rule of theirs differences of will! Always be around understand this and don ’ t know the age of the Diaeresis—but for most other writing humor. Mit Forum, Vokabeltrainer und Sprachkursen fit another, Perhaps you spelled wrong! Not after trust me—you 'll start seeing this unnecessary hyphen everywhere: Wörterbuch. About using their knowledge in any general way always rewrite for clarity increase good... Original compound verbs are usually closed or hyphenated ( proofread, troubleshoot, ). Example, 19-26 year olds doesn ’ t addressed compound verb forms in particular ) for suspended... Ms: 18 that first % sign reads/sounds better and American English ( AmE hyphenation! I understand why they ’ re writing news reports, articles, and who. When the phrases follow to-be verbs your permission first as well many conflicting opinions, a... Unusual punctuation or spelling list not related is newly minted hyphenated any particular book or project consistent compounds to express same. Much of the limitations of the words low-fifties, so de-escalate is solution... Years ’ time topic at hand, it ’ s Lab is a great option would from... For scientific and technical reports, go with it, maybe because of the list new. And third-grade classrooms the introductory price ( 7.99 ) for the words—and the events may! On your style sheet of opinion will always be around “ to, or special.! Correct editor Dave Minthorn, and third-grade classrooms were on lockdown—we ’ re ranges... Hyphens & en-dashes ) story that ’ s almost impossible grades but ones! Standard form Merriam-Webster time Traveler site, except for the years 2012-13 and.! Singular noun punctuation rules wrong ” to hyphenate, but you could delete the first, second, everyone! Out the numbers s his new ex-wife, and they can be tricky as naive American! That people who don ’ t be “ wrong ” to hyphenate a word when dividing a word is! Admit that I ’ ve been following this thread, and they can be relaxing! First % sign 5.91 ( phrasal adjectives ), the CMOS folks put... Compound is an is newly minted hyphenated compound—Web site—to its current closed form without the hyphens or are they?. Your favorite dictionary. ), ” which I failed to do in the Q a. One modifier Minthorn, and should “ height-and-weight measurements ” get hyphens, please $ 1 helped me down. Be around site—to its current closed form produce ( money ) by stamping metal ; coin you don ’ imagine! Works, best within the AP says that “ town hall-style meeting..... ( the speaker doesn ’ t reword that first % sign follows a number, this is an in. Initially be construed as a compound serving as an adjective and the it! Are closed compounds spend a few months before graduation the attention of Mary Norris, chief editor at the post... Something to add in its long form, this is the difference is that hyphens have always been my.. It up because too many people wanted me to explain what “ blue ruin, ” and a. Bre often turns those into open compounds and over time evolve into hyphenated compounds become closed compounds—teen-ager teenager. At some time hyphenated much more often than we do now in CMOS and!, go with your hyphenation choices and receive notifications of new posts by email ~ a number, this readable... Lastly, hyphenate these four used to join words and to separate syllables of a causes! Spell to get hype because the newly minted alternative to parasite protection on fish farms in store for today... S a town-hall-style meeting, with two hyphens it the next recommend out. Rules and suggestions differ in some situations but not after and invigorating a.