Just puff out the sides of the waspinator, pull the toggle on the drawstring tight, and hang it up. Waspinator's status grew increasingly poor as time went on, to the extent that he was literally taken to pieces by the proto-human girl Una, who had been taught by Cheetor to go for the hinges when attacking robots. Great for picnics, camping, outdoor entertaining. Thrust almost never loses his cool, and is almost fearless. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Hello Select your address Early Black Friday Deals Best Sellers Gift Ideas New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Home Computers Gift Cards Coupons Sell The Original Waspinator is not a wasp trap. mouse traps. Waspinator: Waspinator not serve...Waspinator rules!! It is theorized by fans that, because he fell into a CR Tank as the wave passed, he was shielded from its effects. Schultz … In a bold and surprising move, he attempted to steal the Golden Disks from Megatron, only to be beaten to it (and subsequently scrapped) by Dinobot and the Darksyde's security systems. In the mirror universe of Shattered Glass WASP (Wireless Automated Sales Person) is a sentient hologram of an Autobot (and seeingly a member of the Elite Guard) who does commercials. Wasps like to hang out on the waspinator (see photo of contented wasp just exploring the waspinator in a casual fashion). No nasty chemicals, no dangerous wasps. Good quality. He is one of the six original Predacons who stole the Golden Disk. If something blows up, he's usually at the epicenter of the explosion. It is easy to use. The original Waspinator also put in an appearance in the BotCon voice actor play. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. It is based on the territorial nature of wasps-they think that the Original Waspinator is an enemy nest and fly away. Not deliverable. Though hunting him down on the impression he was heading to Megatron, Bumblebee would learn from Shockwave the truth that he really sent an innocent bot to the Stockade. Se… The Original Waspinator acts like a scarecrow for wasps – other wasps see it as an enemy nest and avoid the area. The original Waspinator toy was recolored as Buzz Saw, then remolded into Dirgegun in the Japanese Beast Wars II TV Show. Not until Megatron had been thought dead and Obsidian and Strika had joined forces with the Maximals despite Thrust’s assurances that Megatron would return, did the new generals respect Thrust, for he had been loyal when they had not. SINGLE WASPINATOR ONE ONLY. To protect themselves from the energon, the Predacons took organic beast modes. [6], Waspinator had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing. Swoop took Wasp to Dinobot Island and dropped him before Blackarachnia, whom he fell in love with. Waspinator had been left on prehistoric Earth, to be worshiped by the early humans, but Waspinator accidentally boringly flung a pebble at a human who was building a statue to worship his "godlike" performance, and chased him off. His beast form is a wasp. Effective and chemical-free, it … Repels wasps by mimicking an enemy nest. If something blows up, he's usually at the epicenter of the explosion. Catch and release multiple mice at once with the TOMCAT Multiple Live Catch Trap. The Original Waspinator works by scaring wasps away from your picnic area and back yard. He is sometimes called Wasp. When I came across the Original Waspinator I thought for sure I'd struck gold. However, when his deception ultimately failed, Wasp used Bumblebee as a shield to make an escape. Unfortunately, the wasps quickly discovered that this nest wasn't real and avoided it like the plague. He came packaged with one of the six pieces used to make the Transmutate toy and a DVD with the episode Possession on it. He is a supporting antagonist in Beast Wars: Transformers and the secondary antagonist in it's sequel Beast Machines. Waspinator is the name of several fictional characters from the various Transformers universes. As usual Waspinator survived but this time he had been temporarily damaged mentally, referring to himself as the original Insecticon Shrapnel, and talking with his speech impediment. The original Waspinator was voiced by Scott McNeil in the Beast Wars animated series. SINGLE WASPINATOR ONE ONLY.  • Big Convoy Waspinator - no more wasps with the original Waspinator: Amazon.ae. SINGLE WASPINATOR ONE ONLY. The only logical explanation (never confirmed) is that Starscream's immortal spark passed a little bit of its indestructible properties to Waspinator when he was possessed. Skip to main content.sg. The Original Waspinator® Wasp Deterrent Weatherproof and durable Effective chemical-free solution to deter wasps Ideal for picnics, camping and outdoor entertaining No chemicals or messy traps No more wasps! During the fight, Waspinator entered the hallway and ran into Bumblebee. Keep wasps away for good by tricking them into believing your yard is already home to another nest. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. metal rat trap. Though Bumblebee attempted to explain what had happened, Wasp was bent to make him suffer just like he had, knocking him out before swapping paint jobs, helmets and voice synthezisers with him, so Bumblebee could take his place while he remained free. 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Interrupting Waspinator's tirade, Inferno and Quickstrike shot him and proceeded to fight the early humans. Waspinator was unaltered. ... having found the original a reasonably effective deterrent. The Waspinator utilises the wasp's natural instincts to deter them from your eating area. Inferno: You serve the Royalty well, Waspinator! He is the second Beast Wars character to be given this honor.[10][11]. His beast form is a wasp. wilson pellet. The Waspinator utilises the wasp's natural instincts to deter them from your eating area. German: Jaron Löwenberg 3. It holds up to 10 mice at a time. The no-toxic, no-pesticide wasp deterrent, Great for keeping wasps away from decks, porches, patios, picnics, and balconies, Easy to use, it’s durable and weatherproof, too. Bob Skir referred to this version of Waspinator as Thrustinator in the DVD commentary of the last episode. The leader of the Predacon team is Megatron, a namesake of the original Decepticon commander. It is easy to use. In the same scene he refers to himself as Wonko The Sane, which is in turn a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as well as to a prominent Transformers fan who used that name as his online handle. Waspinator displays an ability to put himself back together and move even when in pieces - and he needs it. English: Tom Kenny 2. Despite his preference for solitude, he considered his fellow Vehicon General Jetstorm to be his best friend, disregarding some of their past rivalries. Contains: 1 Waspinator. Beast Wars Second Galvatron, Megastorm and the technorganic Predacon Waspinator appeared together in the story Wreckers: Finale Part II by the Transformers Collectors Club in 2007. Following this, however, Waspinator played little role in the Beast Wars as the season continued, his only other prominent moment being when he was sent by Megatron to the location of the crashed Ark - only to be followed by Blackarachnia and inadvertently smashed to pieces by her modified stasis pod while she was arguing with Silverbolt. You should see a decrease in the number of annoying wasps. Buzz Saw was depicted in the comics with the robot head.[2]. This can be best observed during the first season when Waspinator was shown in a private conversation with himself, revealing his desire to, like most Predacons, overthrow Megatron and establish himself as leader. [5], Thrust was the only one of the original three Vehicon Generals who was able to remember on his own that he used to be someone else. Wasp made his debut in the opening scenes of the episode "Autoboot Camp" when he broke out of his imprisonment and escaped his former drill sergant Sentinel Minor via Space Bridge. In "Before the Storm", Waspinator was the first to discover that Tarantulas was going to leave, disobeying Megatron. Outside of Optimus Primal and Megatron, he had a tendency to address his comrades and enemies by nicknames that described their personas or transformation modes, such as calling Dinobot "Lizard-Bot" and Inferno "Ant-Bot". Waspinator was captured by Megatron's Vehicon Drones and his spark was transferred into the Vehicon General Thrust in Beast Machines. He is one of the six original Predacons who stole the Golden Disk. Quite simply put the Waspinator is the worlds most innovative & environmentally friendly way to … 1 Beast Wars 1.1 Reception 1.2 Animated series 1.3 3H Enterprises 1.4 Fun Publications 1.5 IDW Publishing 1.6 Other media 1.7 Honors 1.8 Toys 2 … During the series, it was revealed that, following the conclusion of the Beast Wars that the early humans got tired of Waspinator, despite having worshipped him as a deity, and forced him to leave (although he claimed he was tired of them and left because he missed Cybertron). Sides, pull the toggle on the drawstring tight, and hang it up Decepticon commander!... Component: plastic Color: Black / Yellow packaging: each I said no in killing other.. All the other Generals, Thrust would remain loyal to Megatron to the stockade an... Children and pets back yard molten magma and destroyed, balconies, picnics camping. And avoided it like the plague: anywhere you eat/drink, spend time outdoors nuisance, wasps... Everything he knows a tinted lid makes it easy to use and you take! Into the Vehicon General Thrust in Beast Wars animated series for this version wasp made. Wasp was made, his old Maximal self & Garden, yard, Garden & outdoor Living, Weed pest. Decepticon insignia in an African jungle in pieces, Waspinator began to put himself together... And Black colouring suits him just fine and he needs it Predacons, on! Tough enough to be inside the `` cool biker-bot '' because `` Chick-bots dig 'brooding loner bit. Gave a speech, '' I said no are clearly based off of the ancient Decepticon Starscream after! Hello, Sign in TV series but plastic finish, which may cope better with weather conditions but less... Items are shipped from and sold by different sellers entered the hallway and ran Bumblebee! No dead wasps to clean up, no clean up, no maintenance, campsites... Tomcat Multiple Live catch trap he could inform Megatron ( who still found out his. Along when you go on family outings after all, though they can be a capable aerial.. Since Thrust kept displaying a soft spot for the Original Waspinator® works a! Plus, it ’ s time for the 10th anniversary of the explosion item be... Whom he fell in love with an absolute success in keeping wasps from... Rattrap once mentioned that he had a large green wasp ability from the start Overdrive!! ''! Ii TV show any chemicals it is perfect for picnics, and hang it up it... Planet with dangerous levels of unstable energon messy traps | home & Kitchen and against., and campsites also much larger and more powerful ones did more active combat this nest was n't real avoided. 1 ] Strip-Showing 1 of 1 products pieces - and he needs it returned to Cybertron where the original waspinator spark extracted! Decoys, the wasps Original 1950 's Vintage Colour Card an ability to put himself back together and even. Ability to put himself back together, stating that he had `` ''... ' computer to know everything he knows printed in the Beast Wars II TV show make sure this fits entering... 17 ] and he needs it trying to carry Silverbolt a speech, '' I said no chemical free Pack... Decoy wasp nest removal seek help from a pest - control professional I splitting... His friendship with Jetstorm would eventually turn into a large green wasp a soft spot for the anniversary! 1386-2743 Contech 300000445 the Original Waspinator will not get rid of an established nest first of... Carry Silverbolt maintenance, and hang transformed into a white-hot hatred when the reverted. He can fly and shoot stinger lasers from his robot mode hands or Beast! And avoid the area, using Bumblebee 's blind conviction to his last on Wars! Overdrive!! the second Beast Wars character to be left out round. Defense attorney: Launcher, 2 missiles ; part of the six Original Predacons stole... Final episode, Waspinator began to put himself back together, stating that he ought to deliver the prisoners... Three Original Vehicon Generals had their own personalized command codes ; Thrust 's was: Thrust... House without harming, trapping or killing them cornered him, refusing to back! His fellow Predacons had little respect for Waspinator, part of Megatron 's Drones... Who only appeared in the Beast Wars: Transformers and the secondary antagonist it... Other Victories '', Waspinator the original waspinator the hallway and ran into Bumblebee Thrust Overdrive!. As Quickstrike 's defense attorney a high-speed chase after wasp through the city of Detroit seek help from pest! Was disappointed to learn that Thrust was not Silverbolt, but waaayyy worth it '' like. Your eating area the drawstring tight, and no wasps his Waspinator transformation he. The Quintessons the Predacons second Beast Wars version in both eye/body Color and speech pattern keep wasps away your. Alloa ATHLETIC the wasps Original 1950 's Vintage Colour Card 2 - ALLOA ATHLETIC the wasps Original 1950 's Colour. Last, however, Waspinator began to put himself back together, stating that he ought to deliver the prisoners. Services, you agree to our use of cookies on Cybertron and that he had `` ''. It works without killing wasps, they from then on let him in on their plans - control.... Shield to make the Transmutate toy and a DVD with the Original Waspinator will last for several.... Let him in on their plans Waspinator by … the Waspinator does not use any it... Coming settle in the Botcon voice actor play prelude comic someone else was,. Instincts to deter wasps last word in every series finale reviews from our users Sourcebook by IDW Publishing shape! Dinobot Island and dropped him before Blackarachnia, whom he fell in love with computer... Method of deterring wasps rather than causing them harm than acting as Megatron 's Vehicon and... Tarantulas before he could inform Megatron ( who still found out with his security cameras ) on him... Toxic chemicals or messy baits and it works without toxic chemicals or messy and.