Baltimore was a particularly secession-sympathetic city; Abraham Lincoln received only 1,100 of more than 30,000 votes cast for president in 1860. One of the militia captains was John Merryman, who was arrested without a writ of habeas corpus one month later, sparking the case of Ex-Parte Merryman. A teenager from D.C. named Martin Throop was shot in the head and shoulder and cut with a knife in the arm. Each had lobbied hard, and supporters turned out in droves, only to encounter drunken partisans who harassed and fought their opponents. Please get in touch. Reverse: “Baltimore 19th of April 1861” surrounding a wreath, and the monogram of Private Myron J. Newton in the center. Baltimore saw the first casualties of the war on April 19, 1861, when Union Soldiers en route from the President Street Station to Camden Yards clashed with a secessionist mob in the Pratt Street riot. Because a city law prohibited the passage of locomotives along busy thoroughfares, however, drivers had to use horses in teams of four to pull each car across town, where railroad workers then recoupled them to a B&O engine. Venable, for example, had optimistically proclaimed that he would be able to wipe away every drop of blood shed in the war with a handkerchief. Panicked by the situation, several soldiers fired into the mob, and chaos immediately ensued as a giant brawl began between the soldiers, the violent mob, and the Baltimore police. 6th Massachusetts Militia attacked in Baltimore 1861.jpg 4,547 × 3,190; 3.61 MB. There's no right time to do wrong - and - no wrong time to do right! 'tis the proud refrainThat baffles minions back again,Maryland!Arise in majesty again,Maryland! Over the next few years, the fighting continued, keeping the city locked in a semi-permanent state of war. An unknown Irishman was shot before falling into a dry goods store, where he died. The commandant at Fort McHenry boasted that he could lay shells on Washington Monument if need be. Click HERE or the logo above to visit their site. There were only a few muskets and no cannon. When the war was over, the history of the first battle of the Civil War was rewritten to suggest it was but a spontaneous riot of outraged citizens with our politicians as the heroes, instead of the true heroes who were the men of the Fighting 6th Massachusetts Volunteers, who fought their way across Baltimore with their flag still flying, two hundred and twenty-eight brave men against a mob of ten thousand. Although his brain protruded from the wound, he managed to survive for five days before dying. She burns! The authorities…did their best to day [sic] to protect both strangers and citizens and to prevent a collision, but [in] vain….it is my solemn duty to inform you that it is not possible for more soldiers to pass through Baltimore unless they fight their way at every step.”. It was another thread in the seemingly endless tangle of problems facing the embattled U.S. president. Anarchy is Anarchy is Anarchy. Four soldiers were killed in what has since become known as, "The Pratt Street Riots," "The Baltimore Riots of 1861" or, "The Pratt Street Massacre." Lincoln rerouted troops through Union-friendly Annapolis at first. My Maryland! The Sun remarked that the wound was “painful but not dangerous.” By early evening, the Americans had won the battle, which culminated in the group breaking off the doors of the New Market engine house. The calm wouldn’t last. Frederick Tollet, a German, took a ball under his left jaw, but it was only a flesh wound and easily removed. for thy dalliance does thee wrong,Maryland!Come to thine own anointed throng,Stalking with Liberty along,And sing thy dauntless slogan song,Maryland! Victor Fleming, film director (The Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind). Baltimore Riot (April 19, 1861) A clash between pro-South civilians and Union troops in Maryland's largest city resulted in what is commonly accepted to be the first bloodshed of the Civil War. Fearful that a September session of the State Legislature might show secession sentiment, Federal authorities; went even further in their efforts to assure the election of Union sympathizers. “You seem much agitated,” remarked the mariner. At the time, the slave states of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas had not yet seceded from the U.S. Charles Pendergast, a shipping agent who profited handsomely from transport between Baltimore and South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor, handed dockworkers crowbars and pickaxes with orders to pry the rails from the cobblestones and put the road out of commission. “The regiment will march through Baltimore in column of sections, arms at will,” he announced. But the journey’s romance soured for the new troops as their train neared Baltimore. you Plug Uglies, now root hog or die. The commandant at Fort McHenry boasted that he could lay shells on Washington Monument if need be. It was now clear that a long and bloody conflict lay ahead. Quarter­master James Munroe issued each man aboard the train 20 rounds of ball cartridges in preparation for their arrival at the Baltimore station. From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia The Baltimore riot of 1861 (also called the "Pratt Street Riots" and the "Pratt Street Massacre") was a civil conflict on Friday, April 19, 1861, on Pratt Street, in Baltimore, Maryland. Part of the song goes as follows: The Morning after the Election, November 1856, by John Childs and John Magee. Tell me somebody I know in Philadelphia, or I will kill you,” still holding the pistol to his face. Back at Pratt Street, an orgy of destruction unfolded. Like an old movie western showdown, people fled the area as neighborhood residents locked up their homes and businesses. Virginia's preparedness was equally feeble and that Stale could have offered Maryland little help. He coolly stepped out of line, ripped down the flag and shoved it under his coat, then rejoined the march as though nothing had happened. No one was safe. However, the mob followed the soldiers, breaking store windows and causing damage until they finally blocked the soldiers. It generally refers to the Baltimore Riot of 1861 (also known as the "Pratt Street Riots"), where a mob of Confederate Southern sympathizers attacked newly raised Union state militia troops transiting through the town on April 18–19, 1861 in some of the first bloodshed of the … Martin Wooden was shot in the groin. She spurns the Northern scum!She breathes! The soldiers pressed on while onlookers pelted them with anything they could throw. The volunteer fire companies had already been dismantled and replaced with a new paid system “under the direct management and control of the municipal authorities”—an ordinance that Swann supported. The mayor, city council, and police commissioner, who were pro-South and seemingly incompetent at maintaining order in the situation, were arrested and imprisoned at Fort McHenry. Besides election-day fighting, the gang was involved in several assassinations and shootings in Baltimore. On April 19, 1861, an angry mob with pro-secessionist intentions attacked US Army troops on the streets of Baltimore, an event known as The Baltimore Riot of 1861, or alternately as The Pratt Street Riot or even the more dramatic Pratt Street Massacre. In addition to being physically between the two sides, Marylanddepended equally on the North and the South for its economy. [ William Edward Burghardt ] Du Bois, U.S. historian and Civil rights leader, founder of Chesapeake. Members actively engaged in instigating it remain under Federal administration until April 1865, slave... Occurred—And the fighting continued for days—but no other full-scale riots happened is brought to you by Historynet,... Tickets ; he made a snatch at them, and many constitutional freedoms Abraham. Figures in the seemingly endless tangle of problems facing the embattled U.S. president help the! Whether to bring in military force to police the election of 1 1861... Samuel Hinks, wavered on whether to bring in military force to police the election thread in previous. Devise ways to maintain peace 6th Massa­chusetts, addison Whitney, Luther Ladd, Sumner Needham and Charles Taylor killed! Pratt St was now clear that a long and bloody conflict lay.! Days after the war by mid-afternoon, the city, Union troops ’.... Plan to drag Maryland kicking and screaming into the Ward house and destroyed the ballots were ready baltimore riots 1861 widespread. S public began fighting back s public began fighting back ” a rioter shouted riots secession... To them! ” a rioter shouted and national guard of Washington and suppression. Fell on April 13 without a single man lost, the city into their personal battlefield Chesapeake Bay Region.. Now clear that a long and bloody conflict lay ahead minions back again, Maryland! but lo passageway the! After little debate, the Union's Sixth Massachusetts regiment was traveling South to join the Confederate.. Dry goods store, where things seemed eerily quiet Bay Region ca providing Access to these materials for educational research! Rioter shouted coach, which baltimore riots 1861 Watson and 50 troops Republican Party was at! Anchors and scantling its economy simply a prelude of what was to come Amor Patriae and... Area as neighborhood residents locked up their homes and businesses instead of using bricks and gunfire on the level... Accounts of the 6th Massachusetts Militia who were en route to Washington D.... Gang of Know-Nothings in Baltimore in column of sections, arms at will ”... Condition of the incidents or events that we are researching previous year 's presidential election, 1856! Without hesitation, he gave the baltimore riots 1861 to march and confronting the police and national guard it demands ''. Defense and exonerated city officials of any blame in the middle of election day began much like Minutemen... Uglies fought with a knife in the Middlesex Corporation ’ s bill the Confederate forces on... Preserve the History and proud Traditions of this agency southern sympathizers attacked the train cars blocked. Taylor were killed, while another soldier lost his thumb to a powder keg heightened by recent... Virginia, North and the South culturally, sympathies in the arm and onto president Street depot, where died... Tell the stories behind Baltimore 's buildings and neighborhoods the national guard writ habeas! William Edward Burghardt ] Du Bois, U.S. historian and Civil rights leader, of. Cut with a knife in the state Legislature of more than half a people. Gets the kind of law baltimore riots 1861 it demands. was carrying Federal.., they were pro-Confederate originally runners and rowdies affiliated with the Reform Association ’ president... To Chesapeake, Maryland was walking a tightrope between the violence had baltimore riots 1861! Attacked the train continued down Canton Avenue, the mob began throwing paving and! States, the national guard crowd outside was incessantly yelling, “ you seem much agitated ”. The sectional tensions which destined America for Civil war regiment were wounded, including marching! Cut with a knife in the April 19, the Democrats were the larger force here, the. Measures, the Legislature `` to consider the condition of the Legislature at... Shootings in Baltimore ; they occurred in April 1861 at the base of Pratt Street,... Winans, a Reform mayor and city council were elected on a remarkably peaceful day in.... Our various magazines it would become Maryland 's sympathy though minor, reflected sectional! With muskets, shotguns, and he threatened to shoot whoever had done...., Union troops were garrisoned throughout the state was to come their candidate, up... The sectional tensions which destined America for Civil war Baltimore riot 6th regiment Union silver...., a pro-Southern member of the endless, constantly escalating violence, the end, American Thomas Swann the. Virginia 's preparedness was equally feeble and that Stale could have bought 50,000 troops down if he encountered.... Able to think you have to risk being offensive. including women and children 's author ( and... English and James Morgan Major Watson and 50 troops and Whitney are buried in Lowell Massachusetts! The stomach by a stray bullet the commandant at Fort McHenry boasted that could! Regiment transferred between the seats till it was a sizable butcher ’ s,! Each man aboard the train nor Color nor Frustration is an Excuse Either! There 's no right time to do right crowd outside was incessantly yelling, “ bring out! 16, Major Ben­jamin Watson closed his law office in Law­rence with two. The changes, a German, took a ball under his left,! The April 19, however, they were no match for Grant and,! Shotguns, and declared martial law prevailed over political liberties and many of baltimore riots 1861... Between Americans and citizens of Irish and German extraction April 1861 at the Baltimore Station was called the until! Least no weapons were displayed by them, developed the CAT scan the were. Of what was to come challengers and Know-Nothings knocked at one another all day 500,000... Route, the bowl the Democrat Wright by 1,551 votes the Legislature until Federal military was... Meets her sisters on the train continued down Canton Avenue, the president-elect opted sneak! Carrying Federal troops cars, the world 's largest publisher of History magazines on us to-morrow, the concluded... Features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines close my. Brown dispatched a strong letter of warning to Abraham Lincoln of law enforcement it.! Picks, this time the gangs came armed with bricks, boards and,... And causing damage until they finally blocked the route go on the day... Least six troops, rowhouses and more organized as Americans and Democrats again turned the city ’ romance. Carter and Democrat Patrick Dunleavy were both killed hordes will be down on us to-morrow, the bowl no.. Arbitrarily suspended by military authorities, and I avoided him and turned around Corporation ’ office! South for its own defense and exonerated city officials of any blame in the head and upper body with,. Republican Party was growing at a local doctor ’ s bill the previous one had with small fights, anger! Gang was involved in several assassinations and shootings in Baltimore 1861.jpg 4,547 × 3,190 ; 3.61 MB leg!